The Adventures of Ducky McDuckface Begin…

The Adventures of Ducky McDuckface Begin…

Hi y’all, I’m Ducky McDuckface! It’s great to meet you!

That’s right, I’m a hot pink rubber ducky from Edinburgh, Scotland… and this is MY STORY!

October 11, 2016…the date my whole world changed! You see, I was just hanging out in the shower of Room 314 at the Apex Hotel in Edinburgh when she walked into my life. No, no… it’s not what you think! I didn’t fall in love with a cute little tail feather from the next town over… I fell head over webbed feet in ducking love with a woman named “Susie” from someplace called California! And as luck would have it, she fell for me just as hard!

Susie and her husband, Morgan, were traveling with a group of travel-photography enthusiasts on a tour of Scotland. I quickly learned that Morgan was the photographer, and Susie was his muse! Lucky for me, Susie insisted on taking me with her when they headed for the Scottish Isles two days later… and we’ve been together ever since!

During the next 11 days, while all of the “serious photographers” were busy messing about with huge cameras, clunky tripods, enormous lenses, and the like, Susie set about creating a Duckumentary using only the camera on her cellphone and me… and oh what fun we had together! So much fun, in fact, that the other photographers began asking Susie if they could borrow me for their own shots (and other, more nefarious happenings — but those stories are for a future blog called, “The Adventures of Ducky McDuckface — After Dark Edition”).

So, for now, check it out… here I am on my fluffy pillow, and listening to the tour guide through my headphones on the tour of Glasgow!

See you next post! 


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