The Adventures of Ducky McDuckface Begin…

The Adventures of Ducky McDuckface Begin…

Morgan and Susie were blessed to travel with the McKay Photography Academy to Scotland in October of 2016.  What an amazing adventure that was!  Again, Susie never imagined that I’d love Morgan the following summer… so I suppose the memories of this trip to Scotland are even more special still because of that. 

The photography group spent a couple of nights in Edinburgh before taking off for the isles and highlands of Scotland.  The Apex Hotel they were staying in was running a marketing campaign that was pure genius.  They put a little, adorable rubber duckie in every shower and a notecard that said “Take me with you.  If you photograph me along our travels, please post them to our Instagram Page!” 

The rubber ducky in our room was hot pink and freaking adorable.  They took HIM with them when they left, much to Morgan’s chagrin!  So, off we went… 28 professional/semi-professional photographers, plus me and “Ducky McDuckface” (hey… he IS Scottish!).  

While all of the photographers were busy messing about with huge cameras, tripods, enormous lenses, and the like… Susie set about creating a Duck-umentary!  Oh, what fun they were having, Ducky and Susie!  So much so, that the real photographers started borrowing him for their shots (and other, more nefarious happenings! 😱 But those stories are for a different series called, “The Adventures of Ducky McDuckface — After Dark Edition”).  

To this day, Susie never leaves the country without Ducky McDuckface by her side.  Or, should she say “Ducky McDuckface 2?”  —  (Ah, but we will tell that story when the right time comes).  

For now, meet Ducky sitting on his royal pillow… and Ducky using his headphones to listen to the guided tour of Glasgow.

See you next post! 


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