Making Friends in Scotland!

If you missed my first installment, I tell the story of how I came to meet Susie and became the start of her Duckumentary entitled “The Adventures of Ducky McDuckface!” Be sure to check it out! In hindsight, it really was no surprise to anyone that Susie and I quickly became inseparable! I had been […]

The Adventures of Ducky McDuckface Begin…

Hi y’all, I’m Ducky McDuckface! It’s great to meet you! That’s right, I’m a hot pink rubber ducky from Edinburgh, Scotland… and this is MY STORY! October 11, 2016…the date my whole world changed! You see, I was just hanging out in the shower of Room 314 at the Apex Hotel in Edinburgh when she […]


TRAVEL IS  ________________(fill in the blank)! I’d love to hear from each person reading this blog post as to what they would write on that blank line.  In other words, what does TRAVEL mean to you? Here is my list of what Travel IS to me: Travel is my passion and my livelihood. Travel is magical and transformative.   […]