Great Migration Crossing
Finding Balance Through Purpose 9 Amazing Days of Learning, Healing, & Adventure in the Heart of Tuscany! THRIVE Journey Grand Wildlife Safari
Tanzania, East Africa
Tanzania is a Total-Immersion Destination
Mangia - Pregare - Amore!
(eat - pray- love!)
10-day adventure to immerse ourselves in everything Tuscan
Just FonDUE IT Already!
Lauterbrunnen Valley, Switzerland
72 Waterfalls and 3 World-Famous Glacial Peaks!
Wildlife & Cultural
Immersion Safari
12-Day Safari


Travel, Heal, Reinvent, Inspire, Vision, and Emerge!

Following the sudden and tragic loss of my husband in 2017, I turned to travel to help ease the pain and, honestly, to run away from my horrific new reality. What resulted from all of that travel, however, is beyond my wildest dreams!

The places I went and the people I met along the way have all helped to breathe life back into my soul. Adventure travel made me understand the importance of being present NOW, in THIS life, in THIS precious moment in time. It showed me a way to honor the life I had with my husband, while reminding me that MY life is not over… in fact, the best is yet to come!

So, travel helped me to peel back the darkness until I could step back into the light. Now I feel compelled to help others find their way into the light too — by helping them to heal and pursue the next chapter of their own lives with passion and purpose. Thus, THRIVE was born!

THRIVE will begin the first of 12 envisioned Journeys in the beautiful countryside of Tuscany, Italy in May of 2020.


Tanzanian Dream Safari

The centerpiece of your Tanzanian dream safari begins the moment you set foot on the African soil. Our guests often say they experience a sensation of feeling connected to this land, the animals, and its people in a way that is unlike anywhere else on the planet.

Tanzania is an immersion destination… a place where your imagination blends seamlessly with reality. Images you’ve frozen in your mind from various nature magazines or movies, now play out majestically before your eyes. Vast landscapes that entice the human mind stretch on for miles, inviting you to explore every tree, river, savannah and mountain. All of this is just awaiting your arrival in one of Africa’s most incredible destinations.

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Delighted to lead small groups of travelers to these enchanting places.

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Delighted to lead small groups of travelers to these enchanting places.

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