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Three brands for adventure, healing & travel!

Periquito Adventures & Travel

Periquito’s founder, Susie Langley, realized how much travel and photography helped her heal following the sudden loss of her husband and decided to start a company that simply invited others to join her travels with the idea of seeing and doing amazing things in some of the most beautiful places on earth. 

As the company grew, it became quite apparent that Susie specializes in two very specific types of travel… East African safaris, and Spiritual/Healing journeys and experiences.  So, she formed a partnership with a Wanderful Tanzania for her safari business, and developed Thrive Souljourns which allows her wrap health, wellness, healing, and spirituality around epic travel experiences the world over. 

If you want fun, interesting, and experiential travel, you’ve come to the right place!

If you want a safari adventure that will knock your socks off and leave you longing to return again and again… you’ve come to the right place. 

If you’ve been gut-punched by life for any reason at all… you’ve come to the right place too!

Travel can help change your perspective, find grace and gratitude, and will absolutely heal your soul!  So, embrace the NOW, and travel your dreams!  Tomorrow is promised to no one! 

Travel, Heal, Reinvent, Inspire, Visualize, and Emerge!

THRIVE Souljourns

I turned to travel and photography to help me heal.  And the journey continues!

The places I’ve gone and the people I’ve met on my journeys created a new fire within me and reshaped my purpose for this new chapter of my life, and it is beyond my wildest dreams!

Travel let me Heal my heart and to Reinvent a pathway forward into my best life.  Now I travel to Inspire others to Visualize their own new paths, and help them Emerge ready to live their best lives too. 

And so T.H.R.I.V.E. was born!   

After a couple of pilot trips, the concept has proven itself to be valid and powerful… and I have selected the name “Thrive Souljourns” to describe this type of powerful and intentional travel, as they are truly journeys of the soul.       

I envision 12 Souljourns by 2025, and have created a Souljourn passport for anyone wanting to join the Thrive Tribe!

Turn Your Daydreams into Reality…

Wanderful Tanzania Safaris

The centerpiece of your Tanzanian dream safari begins the moment you set foot on the African soil. Our guests often say they experience a sensation of feeling connected to this land, the animals, and its people in a way that is unlike anywhere else on the planet.

Tanzania is an immersion destination… a place where your imagination blends seamlessly with reality. Images you’ve frozen in your mind from various nature magazines or movies, now play out majestically before your eyes. Vast landscapes that entice the human mind stretch on for miles, inviting you to explore every tree, river, savannah and mountain. All of this is just awaiting your arrival in one of Africa’s most incredible destinations.

Travel Ideas & Tips

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