Making Friends in Scotland!

Making Friends in Scotland!

The Adventures of Ducky McDuckface  —  Making Friends in Scotland!

This is the second post in the Ducky McDuckface blog series.  If you missed the first post,  it tells the story of where Ducky came from, and how he came to star in his own Duckumentary!

It is really no wonder why Ducky and I quickly became inseparable!   He had been stuck in that hotel shower for far too long, and was feeling a bit “down.”   Once uncaged, however, he quickly became our new “wing man” and started to let his feathers down a bit more with each passing day.  

Next thing we knew, Ducky was the life of the party!   He made friends everywhere we went!  Here he is with just a few of the characters we met on our travels throughout Scotland!  He got Scott and Alana and Kate to make “duck-lips” for their photos… and Morgan and I cheated by using Pringles! 

More adventures of Ducky to come!  Stay tuned!


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