The following terms and conditions apply to all Periquito Adventures tours:

  • Your spot on this tour is not guaranteed until you have paid a nonrefundable deposit (25%, unless stated otherwise) AND signed and returned your tour contract and registration forms. There is no cooling off period, as all deposits are immediately paid out to reserve accommodations and other trip essentials on your behalf.

  • Once you are fully booked, you will receive an onboarding checklist and a Tour Packet containing extensive information that you’ll need to know about preparing for the tour. It is incumbent upon you that you read the packet in its entirety.

  • ALL PAYMENTS must be made by major credit card only.


  • DOUBLE OCCUPANCY: All of our adventures are based on “double-occupancy,” meaning two people sharing one room or tent.
    NOTE: Single accommodations may be available, but are VERY LIMITED… so it is best to book your trip 9-12 months in advance to ensure availability. See PRIVATE ACCOMMODATIONS section, below for more information.

  • BEDDING CONFIGURATION: If you have a preferred roommate for this trip, please make the pairing known to Periquito at the time of booking. If you can share a double bed, please advise us of that as well. Otherwise, solo travelers will be paired with a person of the same sex to share a room with, and we will do our best to try to get a twin-bedded (two beds) configuration at each of the accommodations.
    NOTE: You can request “twin” or “double” configuration. Please be aware that “double” simply means two people sharing a bed. We have no control over whether that will be a queen- or king-sized bed.

  • PRIVATE ACCOMMODATIONS: Single supplement fees will apply for anyone wishing to have private accommodations. However, these are not guaranteed until we can verify availability. The single supplement fee will be no less than $1000, and could be quite a bit higher, depending on the itinerary.

  • PRICING CHANGES: The prices for our tours, extensions, and optional add-ons are subject to change without notice prior to your booking. Once booked, your price will be locked in, regardless of any future price adjustments.

  • PAYMENT SCHEDULE / OPTIONS: Once the initial deposit (25% unless stated otherwise) has been made, the remaining balance can either be paid in full by credit card, or split into monthly payments over the months leading up to the tour.
    NOTE: Both the number of payments, and payment amount is determined by the amount of time that remains between the date you booked and the date of the tour. The earlier you book, the longer you’ll have to make your payments. ALL TOURS MUST BE PAID IN FULL NO LATER THAN 60 DAYS IN ADVANCE OF THE TOUR START DATE.


  • All payments must be made by major credit card only.


  • THE DEPOSIT: The deposit (25%, unless stated otherwise) is immediately nonrefundable, as noted in the Booking Terms & Conditions.
    NOTE: There is no cooling off period. Should you need to cancel your trip for any reason, filing a claim against your travel insurance policy (if any) is your only means of gaining financial relief for that payment.

  • THE TOUR BALANCE: Following the deposit (25%, unless stated otherwise), the remaining payments (payment in full or monthly payments) will remain refundable until the 60-day mark ahead of the tour. After the 60-day mark, all monies will become nonrefundable, regardless of the circumstances, unless there is a need to postpone or cancel the entire tour. See POSTPONEMENT/CANCELLATION section below.
    NOTE: Should you simply change your mind about traveling or need to cancel for ANY reason, there will be no refunds issued. Your only means of a financial repayment would be through a claim with your travel insurance policy (if any). Periquito Adventures STRONGLY encourages ALL GUESTS to purchase a good policy through a reputable insurance agency. We are not responsible for you purchasing insurance, and do not endorse any specific insurance agent or company. However, Periquito Adventures does list a couple of reputable insurance providers that our past guests have opted to go through, in case that information is a help to future guests. These providers will be listed in the Tour Packet you will receive upon registration.

  • POSTPONEMENT / CANCELLATION POLICY: As a result of the continuing instability and uncertainty around the world, and in the wake of the recent pandemic, should situations arise that make the entire tour impossible to run over the scheduled dates, Periquito Adventures will do our best to secure a new set of dates within the ensuing 12 months, and the tour will simply be postponed until it is safe or possible to travel once more. However, if we are unable to complete the trip within the ensuing 12 months, the guest can request a refund (minus the initial deposit).