Why Periquito? What does it mean?
Where does it come from?

Periquito is the Spanish word for a small parrot.

Periquito is also the nickname given to Susie’s husband, Morgan, by his Mexican motorcycle racing friends, because he could talk… a lot… like a parrot.


To better understand why all of that is important, you need only know the story of Susie and Morgan.

Married for nearly 30 years, Susie and Morgan traveled the world together collecting unique experiences, creating international friendships, and photographing some of the most scenic places on the planet.

Morgan was the photographer, and Susie was his muse!  Morgan was the daredevil, but Susie kept him grounded.  Susie’s family’s health history kept in sharp focus how precious every day is, and so together they thrived, doing their best to seize the day each day.


As if to put an exclamation point at the end of the message about how precious life is, Morgan passed away suddenly in a horrific motorcycle accident just a mile from their home.  He was only 54 years old at the time of his death.

Their friends and families rallied around Susie, helping her to pick up the pieces and to try to make sense out of her new reality.  Through their love and encouragement, she returned to traveling.  Through traveling she began to heal.  Through healing she decided to begin writing the next chapter of her life as a nod to Morgan… so she founded Periquito Adventures & Travel in 2017.

Now she takes small groups of people to the most beautiful places on the planet in order to see and/or do amazing things!   With every trip, Susie is convinced that Morgan is with her still, by her side, helping her continue to heal.

Periquito Adventures & Travel specializes in spectacular African safaris and other epic adventures throughout the world.

THRIVE Journeys

Beginning in 2020, Susie is launching THRIVE Journeys as well.  THRIVE Journeys will combine epic adventure travel with self-care and compassion that so many people need in the world.   No longer will people need to choose between the two… now they can accomplish both in one life-changing, soul-soothing trip.

So, you see… it is an odd name with an amazing story behind it. Won’t you join in on the fun? Let’s travel and seize the day together!