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About Periquito Adventures & Travel

Periquito Advenutes & Travel —  odd name, sweet story… 

Married for nearly 30 years, Susie and Morgan traveled the world together collecting unique experiences, creating international friendships, and photographing some of the most scenic places on the planet.

Morgan was the photographer, and Susie was his muse! Morgan was the daredevil, but Susie kept him grounded. Susie’s family health-history kept in sharp focus how precious every day is, and so together they thrived, doing their best to seize each day.

As if to put an exclamation point at the end of the message about how precious and fleeting life is, Morgan lost his life in a motorcycle accident at the age of 54, and Susie’s life was suddenly turned upside down.

Propped up by friends and family, Susie returned to traveling about 6 months after his passing.  The combination of travel and learning photography for herself mended her broken heart, and allowed her to re-engage with life once more.  Understanding the powerful healing properties of travel, she founded Periquito Adventures and Travel as an homage to Morgan.  His nickname was “Periquito” (because he could talk… a lot!)

To travel is to take
a journey into yourself