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Below is just some of the incredible feedback we’ve had from clients returning from their journeys with us to some of our destinations. If you have travelled with us and would like to share your experience, we would love to hear from you!

Nancy J.
Travel Destination - Tanzania

I met my best friend Kelly in the 6th grade. We were together every chance we got—at school, weekend sleepovers. And we would always sign our notes or letters to each other, “Love, your old buddy old pal and life long friend.” We have been having adventures together for 42 years. We have been there for each other through the joys and heartbreaks of growing up, supported each other through the tough times, and have been there to cheer each other on through the milestones of life. In 2019, I asked her if she wanted to go on a Safari with me and she hesitated just for a second. I said, “You are dangerously close to saying yes, aren’t you?” She smiled and said yes. I made us matching T shirts for our trip. Our Safari with Periquito Adventures was a celebration of those 42 years of friendship. And it was by far our BEST adventure. On the very first day of the safari, we saw a large herd of elephants cross the road in front of our vehicle. I felt like I had won the lottery. Kelly cried when she saw the elephants. In fact, every time Kelly saw elephants, she cried. This Tanzanian safari was one of the peak experiences of our lives. We made memories together that we will never forget. And we still call each other YOBOPALLF.

Beth S.
Travel Destination - Tanzania

You could have knocked me over with a feather when I heard the words, “Uhhhm, okay,” come out of my mouth after my two best friends informed me I would be joining them on something called a “souljourn” to Africa. You see, for the past two years I’ve essentially been “offline” after my very happy 16-year marriage ended in a divorce that absolutely blind-sided me! There are simply not enough words to thank my friends and the team of Thrive Souljourns and Wanderful Tanzania for what they did to rescue me from a very low point in my life. I describe my safari experience as exhilarating, joyous, restorative, and oh so healing! Every element of the trip was well designed and executed — from the helpful pre-safari information to the moment we were lovingly dropped back at the airport for our flight home. Susie’s love of Africa is palpable, and her connection with its people is just heartwarming. She makes her guests feel safe and well cared for throughout, and the joy and humor she adds to the mix is simply remarkable. The animals, scenery, sunsets and all of the things you think about when you think “African Safari” are absolutely as amazing as can be! But, for me, it was my fellow travelers (my new THRIVE TRIBE), the trip leaders and guides, and the people of Tanzania that have stolen my heart and restored my soul. I will most certainly always remember the sea of children’s faces at the school we visited, and the songs they sang to us. All I can say now is, Asante Sana… I am blessed!

Connie N.
Travel Destinations - Austria, Slovenia, Germany, and Italy

I am blessed beyond words to be just back from a 14-day European adventure with Periquito Adventures and Travel, and OMG it was an absolute blast!

You’d never know it, but apparently this was the test run for a new concept of travel that Susie is thinking of creating… Healing Travel… and she is thinking of calling the brand either Good Grief or THRIVE Souljourns. I guess we’ll find out soon because the concept and the trip were both out of this world.

Susie was able to lead our small group through Austria, Slovenia, Germany, and Italy without a hitch. Well, there was ONE small hitch… IT SNOWED IN GERMANY IN MAY! It was the first time it has snowed that late in the year in Germany in more than 40 years, so we let Susie off the hook for that!

I have too many wonderful memories to list them all here, but think that the concept of small group travel to amazing places in order to heal, recharge, and find balance again in one’s life is a concept that I can get behind 100%. I came on this trip having just lost my mother and dog to cancer, and a good friend to an accident just 2 months earlier. I was down in the dumps and not much fun to be around. My life had devolved into sadness and I found myself just sort of going through the motions every day, but without any gusto or purpose. So, this trip and this concept of travel could not have come along at a better time for me!

Thank you Periquito Adventures! I wish you every success as you launch this new restorative type of travel! The world needs it mightily!

Eliot and Sue W.
Travel Destination - Tanzania

This is a trip for almost anyone! At 76, with a few challenges of my own, I could participate in everything without any worries. The staff at the camps were so helpful, and Susie and Felix were ever-vigilant, so I was unconcerned.  I never expected to have the trip of a lifetime at my age! I’m in love with Tanzania, and would recommend Wanderful Tanzania to anyone wanting an amazing, worry-free journey into God’s wonderland!

Felix was the utmost talented professional. Managing to combine incredible knowledge of animals, plants, cultural history, and geography, effortlessly. He was personable, warm, and kind. He never tired of our questions, even though he must get the same questions from guests on every safari he leads.

Grant V.
Travel Destination - Europe

How do I begin to put into words what I experienced on this trip to Europe?

I guess the first thing I think to myself is “Why did I wait so long to do this?” And the second thing I think is “Thank God I trusted my gut and just said YES when my friend asked me to join her on what she described as an “experimental” trip to Europe.

We saw 4 countries over 14 days, and I laid eyes on things I thought only existed in fairytales. I will never forget how I felt when we arrived into Bled, Slovenia! We had just come from 3 days of unexpected snow in Germany which was beautiful and all, but Slovenia was simply spectacular!

The sun was out, the sky was so blue, and the air was fresh and clean! The little town of Bled is built on the shore of a tiny alpine lake surrounded by the snow-capped Julian Alps. There a tiny island in the middle of the lake (the only island in Slovenia, as I understand it). There is a church on the island, and an old clock tower from the 1400’s, I believe.

There is a bell in the church called “the wishing bell”, and the story says that if you can make the bell ring three times from one pull of the chain, your wish will come true. You can’t imagine how many times that bell rang during the 4 days we were in Bled… but each time it brought a huge smile to my face.

Up above the town on a huge rocky outcropping is the Bled Castle. Susie surprised us with a beautiful dinner in the castle one evening, and a trip to visit the wine-making monks as well. A couple of people in our group were able to bottle their own wine, and one person learned to open a champagne bottle with a sword! It was so much fun!

I cannot recommend Periquito Adventures highly enough… it was just outstanding from start to finish! I wish Susie every success with her new brand of health and wellness travel… she simply understands people, and gets that travel heals… well, almost everything!