The CDC has Issued Updated Guidance on Travel for Fully Vaccinated People

Check it out!  The news for the VACCINATED traveling public, just keeps getting better and better!  Pack your bags, folks!  TIME TO TRAVEL!   The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated its travel guidance for fully vaccinated people to reflect the latest evidence and science. Given recent studies evaluating the real-world effects of vaccination, […]

Looking to Travel for a Sense of Renewal

A friend forwarded this article from the NY Times to US today, noting that this is exactly the kind of travel that WE focus all of OUR attention on.  If you know our team at all, we believe with all our hearts in healing and soul-feeding travel!  With ALL that we have endured through 2020 […]

CDC: Vaccinated People Can Now Travel Without Testing or Quarantining

Dear Clients and Friends, Let us be the first to say, WOOHOO!  This is great news for anyone itching to travel again!  I hope to look across the safari vehicle, yacht, hot air balloon, bush plane, (or whatever), and see you sitting next to us very soon!  Fully vaccinated Americans can now resume both domestic […]

Making Friends in Scotland!

The Adventures of Ducky McDuckface  —  Making Friends in Scotland! This is the second post in the Ducky McDuckface blog series.  If you missed the first post,  it tells the story of where Ducky came from, and how he came to star in his own Duckumentary! It is really no wonder why Ducky and I […]

The Adventures of Ducky McDuckface Begin…

Morgan and Susie were blessed to travel with the McKay Photography Academy to Scotland in October of 2016.  What an amazing adventure that was!  Again, Susie never imagined that I’d love Morgan the following summer… so I suppose the memories of this trip to Scotland are even more special still because of that.  The photography […]


TRAVEL IS  ________________(fill in the blank)! I’d love to hear from each person reading this blog post as to what they would write on that blank line.  In other words, what does TRAVEL mean to you? Here is my list of what Travel IS to me: Travel is my passion and my livelihood. Travel is magical and transformative.   […]

Day 32 my “art”

I know a lot of folks are hurting and scared right now. I don’t have any answers to how to weather that storm. I can however promise to post beautiful art on my page for the next 30 days. My goal, if you’ll play along is to make our social media positive and beautiful. Are […]

I miss you, Tanzania!

Just over a month ago, this was the view from my window in the Ndutu Conservation Area. Don’t get me wrong, I’m in San Diego for crying out loud… so being “locked in” is not horrible by any stretch of the imagination. But, still, after one month of it, I’m starting to long for the […]

Day 29 of my “art”

Today is day 29 of my “art” posts on FB. I normally just put up one image of something I find uplifting and beautiful… but today is different… Last night I learned that my dearest friends, David and Ally McKay, tested positive for Covid-19. It is one thing to watch the string of horrifying statistics […]