Day 29 of my “art”

Day 29 of my “art”

Today is day 29 of my “art” posts on FB. I normally just put up one image of something I find uplifting and beautiful… but today is different…

Last night I learned that my dearest friends, David and Ally McKay, tested positive for Covid-19. It is one thing to watch the string of horrifying statistics on the news, but its another thing entirely when it jumps to 1-degree of separation and affects people that you know, respect, love, and cherish in your life.

They are doing “okay” in the big picture of things, but I post these images today to remind them of how rich they’ve made my life, and how much they mean to me. I would ask each of you to send up a prayer for them as you view these images, please. Thank you so much!

David and Ally… much love to you both. God bless.


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