Making Friends in Scotland!

The Adventures of Ducky McDuckface  —  Making Friends in Scotland! This is the second post in the Ducky McDuckface blog series.  If you missed the first post,  it tells the story of where Ducky came from, and how he came to star in his own Duckumentary! It is really no wonder why Ducky and I […]

The Adventures of Ducky McDuckface Begin…

Morgan and I were blessed to travel with the McKay Photography Academy to Scotland in October of 2016.  What an amazing adventure that was!  Again, I never imagined that I’d love Morgan the following summer… so I suppose the memories of this trip to Scotland are even more special still because of that.  The photography […]


TRAVEL IS  ________________(fill in the blank)! I’d love to hear from each person reading this blog post as to what they would write on that blank line.  In other words, what does TRAVEL mean to you? Here is my list of what Travel IS to me: Travel is my passion and my livelihood. Travel is magical and transformative.   […]