THRIVE Souljourns

Are you hurting, healing, grieving, or struggling with life-changing scenarios and really searching to bring balance and purpose back to your life? Do you only have so much time off work and are wondering how to try to fit in both the time you really should spend doing self-care with the epic adventure or vacation you desperately need?
WHAT IF there was a way to do both of those things… simultaneously?

WHAT IF instead of an empty wallet and sheer exhaustion, you actually came home from your next vacation relaxed, energized, and with a bag full of new tools to help you write the next chapter, no… the best chapter of your life?

I transformed my life by using the healing power of TRAVEL


Thrive – Santa Fe


Wellness Retreat

6-days in Santa Fe, New Mexico
May 14-19, 2021
Rebalance. Breathe. Heal. Recharge.
Culture. Art. Cuisine. Fun!
Multiple private and group sessions/treatments/ceremonies with Steve Montoya and Troy Valencia, our healers. These men possess multiple powerful healing modalities between them… including, Energy healing, Sound healing, Guided meditation, Past-life soul regression, Biofield harmonic tuning, etc.

Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before. ~ Dali Lama