Grand Wildlife Safari
Tanzania, East Africa
12 - Day Safari


Grand Wildlife Safari  Tanzania, East Africa


FEB 21 – MAR 3,  2020

Periquito Adventures & Travel believes that the trip of a lifetime should NEVER be a cookie-cutter experience!

The centerpiece of your Tanzanian dream safari stems from everything you’ll feel from the moment you set foot on the native soil. My guests often say they experience a sensation of feeling connected to this land, the animals, and its people in a way that is unlike anywhere else on the planet.

Tanzania is a total-immersion destination… a place where your imagination blends seamlessly with reality. Images that once remained frozen in your mind from nature magazines and movies, now plays out majestically before your eyes. Vast landscapes that entice the human mind stretch on for miles in every direction, inviting you to explore every tree, river, savannah and mountain. All of this awaits you in one of Africa’s most incredible destinations.

To experience a safari in Tanzania is to feel your pulse quicken to the pace of the Serengeti’s Great Migration, and to hold your breath as you watch a newborn zebra stand and try to take its first wobbly steps. It is a certainty that going into the wild to witness the raw, unyielding circle of life will surely awaken the adventurer that lies deep within each of us.

We invite you to discover for yourself the benefits of small-group experiential travel when you choose Periquito Adventures & Travel for your safari.

Our local knowledge and strategic partnerships in Tanzania allow us to secure the best of the best for our guests, be it guides, itineraries, vehicles, accommodations, or unique experiences.  

Our groups are intentionally kept small so our Guest-to-Guide ratio never exceeds 5:1. This means our vehicles are not overcrowded, allowing each guest to have an excellent vantage point when viewing wildlife, and ensuring that everyone can move around the vehicle comfortably.  We find that a wonderful, almost magical synergy forms within small groups during our safaris.  The shared experiences you’ll have on safari will build friendships and memories that last a lifetime.

Our highly qualified, professional guides strive to be as flexible and accommodating as possible, while keeping your safety and satisfaction in mind at all times.   We encouraged our guests to speak up with any questions, suggestions, requests, or complaints you may have.  Our aim is to wow you… so please let us know your thoughts, and give us a chance to deliver!

Finally, while our guides are eager to inform and educate, they will never give you the “umbrella tour” experience of an unending narration each day.  They understand that the best way to truly experience Tanzania is to simply be present in the moment.  Often we find that human narration is merely a distraction from Nature’s own glorious symphony!

Feb/Mar 2020 Proposed Itinerary

12-Day Grand Wildlife Safari Tanzania, East Africa (1)

Feb 21 – Day 1

Arrive in Tanzania and meet your Safari Guides
Stay at River Trees

12-Day Grand Wildlife Safari Tanzania, East Africa (2)

Feb 22 – Day 2

Game drive through Lake Manyara
Stay at Ngoro’ Farm House

12-Day Grand Wildlife Safari Tanzania, East Africa (3)

Feb 23 – Day 3

Full-day game drive inside Ngorongoro Crater
Stay at Ngoro’ Farm House

12-Day Grand Wildlife Safari Tanzania, East Africa (4)

Feb 24 – Day 4

Drive to Ndutu Conservation Area
Stay at Mbugani Camp Ndutu

12-Day Grand Wildlife Safari Tanzania, East Africa (5)

Feb 25 – Day 5

Game drive Ndutu
Stay at Mbugani Camp Ndutu

12-Day Grand Wildlife Safari Tanzania, East Africa (6)

Feb 26 – Day 6

Game drive Ndutu
Stay at Mbugani Camp Ndutu

12-Day Grand Wildlife Safari Tanzania, East Africa (7)

Feb 27 – Day 7

Game drive Ndutu
Stay at Mbugani Camp Ndutu

12 day safari vacation TANZANIA Great Migration Crossing, Wildlife & Cultural Immersion (3)

Feb 28 – Day 8

Mini game drive from Ndutu to Central Serengeti National Park
Stay at Mbugani Camp Central

12-Day Grand Wildlife Safari Tanzania, East Africa (9)

Feb 29 – Day 9

Full-day game drive in Serengeti
Stay at Mbugani Camp Central

12-Day Grand Wildlife Safari Tanzania, East Africa (10)

Mar 1 – Day 10

Full-day game drive in Serengeti
Optional Hot Air Balloon ride
Stay at Mbugani Camp Central


Mar 2 – Day 11

Full-day game drive in Serengeti
Stay at Mbugani Camp Central


Mar 3 – Day 12

Bush plan ride to Arusha
Lunch and Shopping

Day use room and Departure

What You Can Expect​ from Periquito Adventures & Travel (PAT)

  • End-to-End High-touch Service – Take the guesswork out of going on safari by letting us guide you through all of the pre-trip planning and preparation.  Then, we’ll stay by your side from the time you land in Tanzania until we drop you safely back at the airport for your flight home.
  • Professional Guides  You’ll be greeted by local, English-speaking, professional safari guides who are excited to show you their country.  They know how to take you into the wild, while keeping you safe. You’ll notice they also have the highest concern for the landscape and animals you’ll encounter along the way, setting our safaris apart from much of the competition.
  • Custom-designed Vehicles – You’ll enjoy safari-modified Land Cruisers during your journey. We intentionally limit each truck to a maximum of 5 guests so that everyone is ensured of a front-row view of everything that matters.
  • Luxurious Accommodations –  While certainly not the Ritz… if you think you’ll be roughing it on safari, think again!!  All of the lodges and tented camps we’re staying at have super comfortable beds, lovely linens, hot showers, and flushing toilets.
  •  Mmmmm… the FOOD!  Executive chefs will design fresh, delicious meals for you each and every day. You’ll be truly amazed at the wide variety of hot, mouthwatering food offered throughout the trip. They do a great job of satisfying every palate, and are happy to accommodate special diets or dietary restrictions, with advance notice.
  • Best Agenda / Unique Experiences –  You’ll get ample time on game drives through several national parks and conservancies, including the world-famous Serengeti, and the Unesco World Heritage site known as the Ngorongoro Crater.  Additionally, we will take you to meet the Hadzabe and Datoga tribes.  These are unique experiences that not many visitors to Tanzania get to do.  These interactions often turn out to be my guests favorite part of the entire trip, so it is not to be missed!
  • Fly OUT of the Serengeti  View the spectacular Serengeti from the air as you fly back to the town of Arusha on a bush plane at the end of the safari. A bird’s eye view of Heaven on Earth!
  • Nearly ALL INCLUSIVE  Safari price includes all in-country transportation (including the flight out of the Serengeti). It also includes all accommodations, all food, and basic tips for your guides/service teams. The only things that are not included are any options you wish to add on to your trip, plus any beverages purchased at lounges or bars, and any additional spontaneous or additional tips you may wish to give when you see how these folks go out of their way to ensure you’re comfortable and happy.
  • Optional Add-on:  Balloon Ride at Sunrise – You may wish to include a magnificent sunrise hot air balloon ride over the Serengeti as part of your grand adventure. This serene and breathtaking experience is topped off with a champagne toast and full English Breakfast in the bush upon landing. It is truly magnificent!  I’ve secured a deep discount for this experience… now available for only $375 per person!  Discounted spaces are limited… first-come, first-served! 

Meet the 12-Day Tanzanian Safari team!

Susie Langley

Owner / Operator
Periquito Adventures & Travel
Helping others tell amazing stories!

To understand Periquito Adventures & Travel, you first need to know the story of Susie and Morgan Langley.  Married for nearly 30 years, Susie and Morgan traveled the world together, making life-long friendships, collecting memories, and photographing some of the most scenic and magical places they could find.  Morgan was a thrill-seeker, and raced motorcycles for many years in Baja California. His racing friends called him “Periquito” (Spanish for “Parrot,” because he could talk… A LOT!).

Sadly, a tragic traffic accident took Morgan’s life in September of 2017.  In the months that followed, Susie founded Periquito Adventures in his honor, lifting up his memory as she shares their wanderlust with all who wish to experience it.

Periquito Adventures & Travel aims to deliver unique experiences you would not get with independent or large-group travel.  Susie does all the legwork for you to create a safe, organized, fun, and flexible way to see the world.  Small groups are nimble and can gain access to places and experiences that large groups cannot.  Moreover, the shared experiences realized through small-group travel promotes true and lasting friendships and are designed to expand your world and feed your soul.

Felix Mdee

Head Safari Guide
Periquito Adventures & Travel

Felix is a native Tanzanian and professional safari guide.  He has been leading safaris through the National Parks of Northern Tanzania for more than 20 years.  He is a gentle soul with a wealth of knowledge to share with our safari guests.  Nothing stumps Felix… so ask your questions about the plants, animals, landscape, culture, etc., and be prepared to be wowed by this man!  He is patient, wicked smart, unbelievably skilled, and conducts the safari with your enjoyment and safety above all else.
Felix has a beautiful wife and two wonderful daughters in their early 20s.