Great Migration Crossing

Great Migration Crossing, plus Wildlife & Cultural Immersion


Aug 21 – Aug 30, 2020

$6,995 per person/double occupancy​

Periquito Adventures & Travel believes that the trip of a lifetime should NEVER be a cookie-cutter experience!

The centerpiece of your Tanzanian dream safari begins the moment you set foot on the African soil. Our guests often say they experience a sensation of feeling connected to this land, the animals, and its people in a way that is unlike anywhere else on the planet.

Tanzania is an immersion destination… a place where your imagination blends seamlessly with reality. Images you’ve frozen in your mind from various nature magazines or movies, now play out majestically before your eyes. Vast landscapes that entice the human mind stretch on for miles, inviting you to explore every tree, river, savannah and mountain. All of this is just awaiting your arrival in one of Africa’s most incredible destinations.

To experience a safari in Tanzania is to feel your pulse quicken to the pace of the Serengeti’s Great Migration, and to hold your breath as you watch a newborn zebra stand and take its first wobbly steps. It is a certainty that going into the wild to witness the raw, unyielding circle of life will surely awaken the adventurer that lies deep within each of us.

We invite you to discover for yourself the benefits of small-group experiential travel when you join Periquito Adventures & Travel on safari.

Our local knowledge and strategic partnerships in Tanzania allow us to secure the best of the best for our guests, be it guides, itineraries, vehicles, accommodations, or unique experiences.

We intentionally keep our groups small so that we can offer a Guest-to-Guide ratio that should never exceed 5:1. This means our vehicles are not overcrowded, allowing each guest to have an excellent vantage point when viewing wildlife, and ensuring that everyone can move around the vehicle comfortably.

We find that a wonderful, almost magical synergy forms within small groups during our safaris. The shared experiences you’ll have on safari will build friendships and memories that last a lifetime.

Our highly qualified, professional guides will always strive to be as flexible and accommodating as possible throughout the journey, while keeping your safety and satisfaction in mind at all times. We never limit our guides to a certain number of miles per day, nor will they have a specific time limit when viewing any of the wildlife we encounter. So, if you have a question, suggestion, request, or complaint, please don’t keep it to yourself! Instead, simply tell the guides so that they have a chance to deliver!

The guides welcome your questions and are eager to inform and educate, but they will not give you the “umbrella tour” experience or an unending narration throughout the day. They know that the best way to truly experience all that Tanzania has to offer is to simply be present in the moment. Sometimes human narration is merely a distraction from the soundtrack of Nature’s glorious symphony!

Simply put, Periquito Adventures & Travel is dedicated to exceeding your wildest expectations, one delicious adventure at a time! We know for certain that the best time to make travel memories is NOW, as tomorrow is not promised.

Aug 21 – 30, 2020 Proposed Itinerary

12-Day Grand Wildlife Safari Tanzania, East Africa (1)

Aug 21 – Day 1

Arrive in Tanzania where your guides will greet you and take you to Rivertrees Country Inn


Aug 22 – Day 2

Bush plane flight to Northern Serengeti National Park (NSNP)
1/2-day game drive
Tented Camp (TBD)

12 day safari vacation TANZANIA Great Migration Crossing, Wildlife & Cultural Immersion (6)

Aug 23 – Day 3

Full-day game drive (hoping to see Great Migration crossing the Mara River)
Tented Camp (TBD)

12 day safari vacation TANZANIA Great Migration Crossing, Wildlife & Cultural Immersion (5)

Aug 24 – Day 4

1/2-day game to see crossing (if none yet)
Mini-game drive as we transition to Central SNP
Mbugani Tented Camp #5

Wildlife & Cultural Immersion Safari book your dream trip (2)

Aug 25 – Day 5

OPTIONAL Sunrise Hot-air balloon experience
Full-day game drive
Mbugani Tented Camp #5

12 day safari vacation TANZANIA Great Migration Crossing, Wildlife & Cultural Immersion (3)

Aug 26 – Day 6

Full-day game drive through Central SNP
Mbugani Tented Camp #5

12 day safari vacation TANZANIA Great Migration Crossing, Wildlife & Cultural Immersion (4)

Aug 27 – Day 7

Drive to Ngorongoro Crater area w/stop at Olduvai Gorge (Cradle of Mankind)
Relaxation at the lodge this evening
Ngorongoro Lodge (TBD)

12 day safari vacation TANZANIA Great Migration Crossing, Wildlife & Cultural Immersion (5)

Aug 28 – Day 8

Game drive inside crater
Then drive to Mangola w/tribal visits
Lake Eyasi Safari Lodge

Wildlife & Cultural Immersion Safari book your dream trip (6)

Aug 29 – Day 9

Hunting or gathering with Hadzabe tribe – Transition to Manyara
Maramboi Tented Camp

Wildlife & Cultural Immersion Safari book your dream trip (4)

Aug 30 – Day 10

Drive back to Arusha stopping for shopping, lunch, and then on to our Day-use room at Mount Meru Hotel.  Evening departure to JRO for return flights to the USA.

Important note: The schedule and accommodations shown above are what is currently being planned.  Based on availability, the lodging may change slightly, but any changes will be made at the same level or better than the lodging shown here.  Additionally, the day-by-day schedule may also be modified slightly for any number of reasons, but the experience we deliver is well approximated by this proposed itinerary.  The pre-planning and logistics that go into a trip like must remain flexible and fluid in order to create such incredible experiences. 

What Can You Expect​ from a Periquito Safari

  • End-to-End High-touch Service – Periquito Adventures & Travel takes the guesswork out of going on safari.  We’ll guide you through all of the pre-trip planning and preparation, and we’ll stay by your side from the time you land in Tanzania until we drop you safely back at the airport for your flight home.
  • Professional Guides You will be greeted by local, English-speaking, professional safari guides who are excited to show and tell you all about their country.  Their training and experience allows them take you into the wild, while keeping you safe. You will notice that they also have the highest concern for the landscape and animals you’ll encounter along the way, setting us apart from much of the competition.
  • Custom-designed Vehicles – We use special safari-modified Land Cruisers for our journey. We also limit each truck to a maximum of 5 guests so that everyone has plenty of room to move around, and to ensure that each person has a front-row view of everything that matters.
  • Luxurious Accommodations – Yes! Luxurious! You’ll stay in both lodges and tented camps on safari. Roughing it? Ha…think again! The tented camps have super comfortable beds, lovely linens, hot showers, and flushing toilets. The only thing missing is room-service!
  •  Mmmmm… the FOOD!  Executive chefs do an outstanding job designing fresh, delicious meals for you each and every day. You’ll be truly amazed at the wide variety of food that will be offered to you throughout the trip. They do a great job of satisfying every palate. They are happy to accommodate special diets or dietary restrictions, provided we give them advance notice.
  • Best Agenda / Unique experiences  You’ll spend ample time in three world-famous national parks and the Great Rift Valley. You’ll interact with three of the coolest tribes in Tanzania and might even get lucky enough to go hunting with the Hadzabe tribe. Time permitting, we also visit the children at the local schoolhouse. This day is often the highlight of the trip for guests!
  • Fly IN / Drive OUT of the Serengeti  View the spectacular Serengeti from the air as you fly to the Northern region via bush plane to get the safari started!  A bird’s eye view of Heaven on Earth!
  • Nearly ALL INCLUSIVE  Our price includes all in-country transportation (including the flight out of the Serengeti). It also includes all accommodations, all food, and basic tips for your guides/service teams. The only things that are not included are any options you wish to add on to your trip, plus any beverages purchased at lounges or bars, any souvenirs, and any additional spontaneous tips you may wish to give when you see how these folks go out of their way to ensure you’re comfortable and happy.
  • Optional Add-on:  Balloon Ride at Sunrise – For an extra fee ($600 per person), you can choose to take a hot air balloon ride over the Serengeti at sunrise. This serene and breathtaking experience is topped off with a champagne toast and full English Breakfast in the bush upon landing. Magnificent!

Meet Your Safari Leaders!

Susie Langley

Owner / Operator
Periquito Adventures & Travel
Helping others tell amazing stories!

To understand Periquito Adventures & Travel, you first need to know the story of Susie and Morgan Langley.  Married for nearly 30 years, Susie and Morgan traveled the world together, making life-long friendships, collecting memories, and photographing some of the most scenic and magical places they could find.  Morgan was a thrill-seeker, and raced motorcycles for many years in Baja California. His racing friends called him “Periquito” (Spanish for “Parrot,” because he could talk… A LOT!).

Sadly, a tragic traffic accident took Morgan’s life in September of 2017.  In the months that followed, Susie founded Periquito Adventures in his honor, lifting up his memory as she shares their wanderlust with all who wish to experience it.

Periquito Adventures & Travel aims to deliver unique experiences you would not get with independent or large-group travel.  Susie does all the legwork for you to create a safe, organized, fun, and flexible way to see the world.  Small groups are nimble and can gain access to places and experiences that large groups cannot.  Moreover, the shared experiences realized through small-group travel promotes true and lasting friendships and are designed to expand your world and feed your soul.

Felix Mdee

Head Safari Guide
Delivering the WOW by taking guests into the wild for 20+ years
Periquito Adventures & Travel

Felix is a native Tanzanian and professional safari guide.  He has been leading safaris through the National Parks of Northern Tanzania for more than 20 years.  He is a gentle soul with a wealth of knowledge to share with our safari guests.  Nothing stumps Felix… so ask your questions about the plants, animals, landscape, culture, etc., and be prepared to be wowed by this man!  He is patient, wicked smart, unbelievably skilled, and conducts the safari with your enjoyment and safety above all else.
Felix has a beautiful wife and two wonderful daughters in their early 20s.



Great Migration Crossing, plus Wildlife & Cultural Immersion

10-DAY SAFARI​  Aug 21 – Aug 30, 2020

$6,995 per person/double occupancy​

$1,500 Deposit and Signed Contract required to reserve your spot


Two payment options:

#1 Six Monthly credit card payments of $915.83 
Using your credit card, we can arrange for automatic monthly payments so that you can pay off the balance in smaller increments over time.  (Note:  a 3% fee will be added to all payments)


#2 Two-pay option:
Pay your  remaining balance by check  in two equal payments of $2747.50

ALL final payments are due by JULY 20, 2020




Refund Policy

This is a 100% non-refundable vacation.  
Due to the pre-planning and pre-paid reservations that are required for a safari, it is not possible to offer any sort of refunds, regardless of the circumstances. 

All participants are strongly encouraged to buy travel insurance and evacuation insurance to protect you and your investment in a trip of this kind. Should something unforeseen happen between now and the end of the trip, that insurance policy will be your only way to recover some or all of your investment.

Africa is calling… and you really should answer!
This trip is on almost everyone’s bucket list… and if you’re reading this, I think it’s safe to say that it is on your list too. If so, I strongly encourage you not to wait to take this trip! As cliche as it sounds, Africa is truly the definition of “The Trip of a Lifetime.” Simply put, Africa changes you for the better, forever.

Africa illustrates this beautifully through its juxtaposition of all things. Africa is both epically beautiful and wildly savage at the same time. It is where you realize that there is an undeniable circle of life… the never ending, repeatable, rhythmic cadence that repeats itself each year. The rainy season is followed by the dry season and the dry season ends with rains. The periods of feast and famine alternate like clockwork. And every year the Great Migration of Wildebeest marches on their 1000+ mile march to find greener grasses, more water, or a suitable place to give birth to their offspring. It is this last one that is a must-see spectacle… yet so few people in the whole world will ever take the time to go witness this in person.

So throw your gear in a duffle and join me on this trip for a chance to witness one of the most amazing natural spectacles in the world first hand, and return home with quite the story to tell!

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