Did you ever want to go on a vacation where you came home with more than just a few silly selfies and a bag full of souvenirs?

Are you hurting, healing, grieving, or struggling with life-changing scenarios and really searching to bring balance and purpose back to your life? Do you only have so much time off work and are wondering how to try to fit in both the time you really should spend doing self-care with the epic adventure or vacation you desperately need?

WHAT IF there was a way to do both of those things… simultaneously? WHAT IF instead of an empty wallet and sheer exhaustion, you actually came home from your next vacation relaxed, energized, and with a bag full of new tools to help you write the next chapter, no… the best chapter of your life?


It’s an acronym for Travel, Heal, Reinvent, Inspire, Vision, and Emerge!

With my husband’s accidental death in 2017, my rollercoaster of life came off the rails completely. I was lost. I had no roadmap to guide me through how to grieve, how to function without him, or even how to take my next breath. I was utterly devastated and felt hopeless.

Thankfully, the love and support from our friends and family pulled me through the immediate shock of it all. My husband’s beloved photography friends invited me to keep traveling with them, just as Morgan and I had done together in the past. I simply took a leap of faith and simply leaned in, agreeing to join them on safari to Tanzania in March of 2018. That decision changed my life forever, and for the better.

Travel brought me new friendships. Friendships gave me renewed hope. Renewed hope allowed me to embrace forgiveness and charity, which in turn helped me define a whole new purpose for my life. That single experience moved me towards healing so profoundly that it allowed me to begin authoring the rest of my story.

Right there, in Africa… specifically in a hot-air balloon over the Serengeti, I had the realization that alone I would merely have survived, but through travel and friendship I could heal and I could thrive… and so the idea of THRIVE JOURNEYS was born.

Upcoming THRIVE Journeys

Change the way

THRIVE  Tuscany

Learning, Healing, & Adventure
in the Heart of Tuscany!

Postponed due to (COVID) New Dates will be available for 2021

THRIVE Scotland 2021

Details Coming Soon

THRIVE  Northern California 2021

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THRIVE New Mexico 2021

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THRIVE  Slovenia/Croatia 2021

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THRIVE  Africa 2021

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